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Adventure is becoming more and more popular as the years grow, and so is Nepal. Nepal is a tourist destination with growing rates. We want to travel this breathtaking country and share a different story of Nepal. One of great adventure, true wisdom, and compelling friendship.

Moneky in Nepal.
Wild is Nepal.


Map of Nepal

Nepal is a place of wild landscapes and cultured people. Located next to the "Roof of the World" or Tibetan Plateau, the Himalayas are the skyline of Nepal. The country itself has enormous altitude gains/declines, with the lowest altitude at 194ft in the tropical Terai to the highest altitude at 29,029ft being the summit of Mount Everest. We will be riding motorcycles from the jungles regions to the alpine regions, crossing raging rivers and thin bridges. Making sure we catch some other adventurous activities along the way.

Prayer Flags and a Temple in Nepal.
Culture Shock


Nepal is widely known for its alpinism along with the culture of the people. It is a developing country, with people mainly of Buddhist and Hindu religions, located in South-East Asia. The temples are holy and vibrant. The written language is Mandarin, while the spoken language is Nepali. Music from Nepal is purely exotic and beautiful. Maybe that's why it is one of the most peaceful countries on Earth?

If we save the water, we'll save ourselves.


Boat on a lake in Pokhara, Nepal.

Nepal has the most fresh water resources in the entire world, yet Kathmandu has some of the worst water resources in the world. We know how important water is, and we're going to need plenty of it while on our adventure. Understanding that water is everything in regards to human survival, we want to help give back. We are donating 1 percent to "Water.org" to help water resources along with 1 percent to "1% For The Planet" because we love this planet and we want to see a healthy Earth for years to come. We will also donate 1 percent to "GlobalGiving Fund" to help with the recovery from the April 2015 earthquake disaster that caused a lot of damage.

Painting of a motorcycle on a road in Nepal.
The Jist..


Adventure is around every corner of Nepal, and we are going to travel this amazing country by motorcycle. The story itself will be one of high adventure, constant learning, obtaining experience, observing culture, and a moving tale of friendship. This trip was inspired by the vastness and beauty of Nepal. And also for a different type of adventure. An adventure not commonly seen in American cinema/video. Each night will be spent either camping in a unique place, or resting up in an Airbnb. 


Want To Help?


Ben Black, Ben Black Films.

Ben Black

Visual Storyteller

Riley Reed

Riley Reed


Fred Drenning

Fred Drenning

Field Audio

Jake Reaves

Jake Reaves

Graphic Designer

"Great documentary films are more about the filmmaker than the story being told, and Ben Black is in a unique position to tell the story of this country, its people and culture. He's much more than an extraordinarily talented documentary filmmaker; he's a quiet, passionate visual artist who knows how to observe, listen and let the story tell itself, rather than impose his own views. The nation of Nepal is so distant and unknown to most Westerners, and a motorcycle journey across this beautiful landscape harkens to the days of travel by horseback across distant lands by storytellers of previous centuries. I truly believe Ben will tell us a wonderfully visual and engaging story that reflects the beauty of this corner of the world while respecting the culture of its fascinating inhabitants." 
- Kevin Campbell, owner of Kevin Campbell Films.

No newbie to adventure, Riley Reed has conquered some 14ers and climbed some beautiful rocks. One of his favorite things is cooking over a fire while camping under the stars. Riley was previously a photographer for a zip-line company in Colorado, so he can handle his fair share of photos and video work. Riley is now studying Wildlife Biology at Colorado State University in Colorado, so that will be helpful for voice over work, along with any wild life encounters or biology reports. He is ready to get on a bike and adventure on a larger scale.

Riley can help make this production a reality with his camera skills along with his drive and passion. "If you can think of the definition of adventure, this is it!"

From building rock walls to participating in Burning Man, Fred Drenning is as far out there as they come. Traveling is common among Fred, for he has been to New Zealand, Mexico and other places. Fred has ridden a motorcycle throughout his life, and this trip is the next big step for him. 

Fred can make this goal come to life by providing power to our production along with audio. He will also guide us on our travels internationally through airports as well as the city of Kathmandu and help navigate while on our motorcycles. His second name isn't EARTH for no reason. "This is the next stage of my traveling life and motorcycle adventures, bring it on!"

Hailing all the way from Dry Ridge, Kentucky. Jake Reaves is a lifer, a dirt bag, a climber, a painter, an artist, a previous zip-line guide, as well as ATV guide. He has wanted to see Nepal for 4 years now, since moving to Colorado and experiencing the mountains here. He's picked up a camera since then as well.

Jake can make this trip a dream since he has helped me out with many of my films in the past. He can help operate on set and make a shoot run smooth. He is skilled when it comes to ATV riding, so I feel confident he can learn the skill of riding two wheels before we fly out.


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